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Thursday, 17 April 2014

How to reduce ping when playing online games

High ping is a major problem for online gamers. You will suffer lag and delay depending on the game which you are playing. I played lots of online games and it really is a very big disadvantage when you play on a high ping. You experience high ping because of many factors. It may be because of  a virus on your computer, a network setting or your ISP throttling your internet speed, etc..

I'll give here all the steps that I know to hopefully make your online gaming a better experience:

  1. Check your computer for viruses and spywares - If you don't have any antivirus installed on your computer, It's best to install one now and scan your computer for malwares. There are many FREE antivirus scattered around the internet like Avira, for example.
  2. Close all downloads when playing online - Close or pause them when gaming as they are the main reason you're having high ping. They hog your bandwidth.
  3. Close processes that may be using the internet - Close your browser and all other apps that are using your internet so your game will be the only one which uses it. You can also use Razer Game booster to close them for you.
  4. Disable your antivirus when gaming - Other gamers suggest to disable it when gaming as it scans packets before it arrives to its destination. Don't forget to enable it after you play.
  5. Install Leatrix Latency Fix - It has various tweaks for TCP parameters. Use it so TCP acknowledgements sent to the game server will be faster. You can download Leatrix Latency fix here.
  6. If the above tips doesn't work - Contact yout ISP and tell them about your problems in gaming. If you are on wireless, change your network plan and switch to a wired one as wireless internet are not very good in online games because you might get lots of packet loss.
That's about all of it. If I find more tweaks or softwares, I will share it here to make everyone's ping low.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Dota 6.80c Map Download

dota logo warcraft 3 villehem

It's been a while since I played Warcraft DotA and I visited the official website to see that they have updated their map to 6.80c. Last time I played it was 6.79 but since I'm playing DotA 2, it won't be a problem since Dota 2 is already on 6.81.

6.80c is supposed to be a fix for the gold bug present on the earlier versions of 6.80. The gold bug was the unlmited gold bug using wards. I know most of you already know it because of those abusers you play with in garena pub games.

dota 6.80c loading screen

  • Fixed a gold exploit that was possible with Wards

If you want to look at the changelogs from 6.80 to 6.80c, you can visit PlayDota to view the complete patch notes.

download button villehem
If the link is broken, mention it in the comments and I'll fix it right away.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Bamboo Ferris Wheel in the Philippines

Do you enjoy riding a Ferris wheel? It's fun right? Well, check this out. A Ferris Wheel made from bamboos! Watch the video below and see for yourself.

Would you dare ride that? Those riding the bamboo ride seems to be enjoying it. The downsides of this ride is that people need to manually spin it and that it could be noisy as the friction of the bamboo will scratch against each other that causes a screeching sound. But those little things won't stop us from riding it right?

This video went viral on Facebook and I want to share it here. All credit goes to the one who captured or recorded it. I don't know who since many users re-uploaded it and shared without giving credits to the original uploader. Sigh.

I was about to say that the Filipinos made or invented this but it seems like people from Sweden could have made it first during their 21st World Scout Jamboree. Here is a picture of a A Ferris wheel built by the Swedish contingent.

bamboo ferris wheel
Photo credits:
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Razer Game Booster - Give your game a boost!

Razer game booster is a free application made by the leading game company, Razer. It switches from standard power settings to Gaming Mode. It is a mode where unnecessary services and applications that are running in background will be closed temporarily while gaming. It also provides a tool for defragging the folder of the games, a driver updater for the video card, a windows settings tweaker, an FPS count that you can enable to show the current FPS for your game and the newly added sync save games that acts as a cloud for saving your games.

Here's how it's main interface looks like:

You just have to click the game to boost it

razer game booster utilities interface
And here's how the utilities section looks like

Once you have downloaded it, install and register an account for Razer. You will need one to run it. Once you have signed in once, you don't need to sign in again so it's OK if you plan to use it on a computer without an internet connection.

Source: Razer Game Booster Performance Boosting & Screencapture Software

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Failon Ngayon - Filipino Media Hates Gaming

I found this video on Facebook and want to share it here. I'd like to know the reactions of fellow gamers out there specially the filipinos.

This report of ABS-CBN shows only the negative effects of gaming to children and their families. They didn't even list any positive ones and this might result to a restriction of gaming on internet cafes during weekdays as said in the report.

As a gamer, I find this offensive. How is your reaction on this. I'd like to know.

Dota 6.78c AI 1.4e "Farewell" Map Download

warcraft dota logo

Hi DotA Players! PBMN released another DotA AI Map. It is codenamed "Farewell". My theory is that this might be one of the last DotA AI maps to be created on the Warcraft III platform since most players of the original Dota are migrating to Dota 2.

Here are the features added or included in this map:

  • Ported changes to IceFrog's DotA 6.78c
  • All heroes and skills now work properly.
  • -cn mode has been updated to show professional player names.
  • AI stuck bug is fixed
  • AI's now use not more than 2 couriers
  • Code optimizations to decrease file size and improve stability
  • AI's get automatically get Gold Boost after 25 Levels

DotA 6.78c AI Download

According to AI team member Green_Sliche, There might be a second release (Rev B.) in future to fix remaining issues. Moreover, the team is looking for potential developers/candidates to continue porting upcoming DotA releases.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Feed Shark - Ping your blog, feed, or podcast for free!

feed shark ping blog

I just had my blog pinged using Feed Shark to hopefully increase the visibility of my blog in search engines. Try it too and let's see if it is effective!

Feed Shark is a free online tool that easily promotes your blog or website - with the simple push of a button! Feed Shark pings a variety of services to notify the world that your blog, website, RSS feed, or podcast has recently been updated or created! It takes less than a minute to use Feed Shark and saves you countless hours of time in the process! Enjoy our service and have fun!

Here's the link to their website:

Submission Trackers and other ping websites:
click hereBlog Ping ToolPingates

Saint Louis University, Baguio City Philippines Academic Calendar 2014-2015

For my fellow Louisians who are looking for the official calendar of SLU, it is now released. But the official website's calendar isn't updated yet. So for your convenience, I uploaded here a shot of the calendar which I found on Facebook.

slu academic calendar 2014-2015

You can check to see the online calendar. However, as I have said earlier, it is not yet updated as of now.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Free Internet Access for Du ISP in Dubai UAE using proxy

Ddrwang Ddennser logo
Hi there guys! I'm following Ddrwang and I am reposting it here to help fellow pinoys or those people who want to surf the internet for free in Dubai. It seems like he is in Dubai for months now and can't update guides for FBT and UBT here in the Philippines.

Here's the post of Ddrwang which can also be found here.

"Due to being in Dubai for a few months now and having tested vpn for UBT.FBT, the first test was successful. Due to other things to do, kinda busy for another thing other than UBT. I may not be able to test it completely. So this just a simple technique of UBT, its a proxy."

> Initially I have more time of 2.1 more time and more data for 38.1 mb
By using procedures below more time and more data remain the same after browsing for 1 hour.

> For mobiles and USB modems
> APN > du
> proxy>
> port > 80
> homepage >
> Browse
> Enjoy

All credit goes to Ddrwang Ddennser. If you don't know him, he is popular in symbianize because he gives tutorials to gain free internet access using Globe and Smart ISP in the Philippines. You can also see his posts and guides by following him on facebook.

Source: Free Browse Using A Proxy (Du ISP) (040314)

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Blogger app for android

I'd like to share with you the official blogger application for android which you can use to blog on the go. It is very useful if you don't have your laptop or desktop with you when you're out of town today just like me.

I searched for this on the google play store, but unfortunately, the blogger app is not available in my country (Philippines) for reasons unknown to me YET. That's why I searched google for the apk file of this app and stumbled upon this page that provide a download link for the installation file itself. Cheers!

Well here's how the application is described:

Blogging on the go.
Download the latest release of the official Blogger app, and start blogging on the go. With Blogger for Android you can:

  • Compose a post that you can save to draft or immediately publish
  • View list of your saved and published posts
  • Switch account/blog if you have more than one
  • Embed an image from the gallery, or, by taking a picture directly from the app
  • Add labels to your posts
  • Add location information

With the Blogger app for Android, you can quickly and easily publish posts to your blog wherever you are.

Here's the download link provided by

Have a great day ahead of you folks and happy blogging!