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Friday, 4 April 2014

Free Internet Access for Du ISP in Dubai UAE using proxy

Ddrwang Ddennser logo
Hi there guys! I'm following Ddrwang and I am reposting it here to help fellow pinoys or those people who want to surf the internet for free in Dubai. It seems like he is in Dubai for months now and can't update guides for FBT and UBT here in the Philippines.

Here's the post of Ddrwang which can also be found here.

"Due to being in Dubai for a few months now and having tested vpn for UBT.FBT, the first test was successful. Due to other things to do, kinda busy for another thing other than UBT. I may not be able to test it completely. So this just a simple technique of UBT, its a proxy."

> Initially I have more time of 2.1 more time and more data for 38.1 mb
By using procedures below more time and more data remain the same after browsing for 1 hour.

> For mobiles and USB modems
> APN > du
> proxy>
> port > 80
> homepage >
> Browse
> Enjoy

All credit goes to Ddrwang Ddennser. If you don't know him, he is popular in symbianize because he gives tutorials to gain free internet access using Globe and Smart ISP in the Philippines. You can also see his posts and guides by following him on facebook.

Source: Free Browse Using A Proxy (Du ISP) (040314)



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