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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Razer Game Booster - Give your game a boost!

Razer game booster is a free application made by the leading game company, Razer. It switches from standard power settings to Gaming Mode. It is a mode where unnecessary services and applications that are running in background will be closed temporarily while gaming. It also provides a tool for defragging the folder of the games, a driver updater for the video card, a windows settings tweaker, an FPS count that you can enable to show the current FPS for your game and the newly added sync save games that acts as a cloud for saving your games.

Here's how it's main interface looks like:

You just have to click the game to boost it

razer game booster utilities interface
And here's how the utilities section looks like

Once you have downloaded it, install and register an account for Razer. You will need one to run it. Once you have signed in once, you don't need to sign in again so it's OK if you plan to use it on a computer without an internet connection.

Source: Razer Game Booster Performance Boosting & Screencapture Software



  1. Thanks for sharing.
    From the past three my gaming ping was too high.
    One of my friends suggest try Game Booster to reduce gaming ping.So i downloaded this game booster and i played my game lag free.I checked my gaming whether it's low or high after used this game booster or not by

  2. The Razer Gamer Booster is definitely a revolution in the gaming and game boosting industries. I was glad to try the gaming mode the application has and the sync is absolutely cool. The Razer Game Booster makes a step forward the new cloud era of gaming.

  3. How big of a difference can this make ? i mean % wise , because i dont see a point if its just 1 or 2 FPS increase .