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Showing posts with label dota 1. Show all posts

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Failon Ngayon - Filipino Media Hates Gaming

I found this video on Facebook and want to share it here. I'd like to know the reactions of fellow gamers out there specially the filipinos.

This report of ABS-CBN shows only the negative effects of gaming to children and their families. They didn't even list any positive ones and this might result to a restriction of gaming on internet cafes during weekdays as said in the report.

As a gamer, I find this offensive. How is your reaction on this. I'd like to know.

Dota 6.78c AI 1.4e "Farewell" Map Download

warcraft dota logo

Hi DotA Players! PBMN released another DotA AI Map. It is codenamed "Farewell". My theory is that this might be one of the last DotA AI maps to be created on the Warcraft III platform since most players of the original Dota are migrating to Dota 2.

Here are the features added or included in this map:

  • Ported changes to IceFrog's DotA 6.78c
  • All heroes and skills now work properly.
  • -cn mode has been updated to show professional player names.
  • AI stuck bug is fixed
  • AI's now use not more than 2 couriers
  • Code optimizations to decrease file size and improve stability
  • AI's get automatically get Gold Boost after 25 Levels

DotA 6.78c AI Download

According to AI team member Green_Sliche, There might be a second release (Rev B.) in future to fix remaining issues. Moreover, the team is looking for potential developers/candidates to continue porting upcoming DotA releases.